• granola – Trails Out Now!

    October 23, 2013

    Granola – Trails

    October 20, 2013

    Granola – Trails

    Coming Oct 23rd

    Preview the opening track

    Q and A with Granola

    What inspires your music?

    Working and living in the backcountry forests of the Pacific Northwest and friends. I feel like I’m trying to capture a certain feeling that exists around me whenever I write music.. Like when your friend lives in a certain house for some amount of time and the gatherings and friends and things that occur there become somewhat of a mini ‘era’. I have a really hard time working on a song more than once, and I think this is the reason behind it. Usually whatever I was experiencing when I started the track has passed.

    When did you start making music?

    I started writing and djing psytrance around 2003, but haven’t seriously been involved in anything until 2010 when I moved to Olympia and started writing more cathartic tunes, rather than trying to blow people’s brain out with abstract noises..

     Artists who inspire you, and why?

    All the old Warp artists. I grew up on them. Plaid, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher etc..lots of random ambient and indie rock type stuff. I collect a lot of music. Anything that feels like it had some real time spent on it, I love detail and when it seems that the artist is uncompromising. I think lately my favorite artist is Maps and Diagrams.

     What do you use to make music, and what is the process like?

    Ableton Live, and lots of random synths and toys. I feel like I’m in a rut musically right now, so after this EP is done I am going to change everything. Right now the process is, write a beat, plug some shit in, unplug shit, write some melodies and chord progressions, reverse half of it, add distortion etc. It usually happens in one sitting and feel frantic when I’m really into it.. like it’s constantly slipping away. I’d like to be more intentional. If anyone really cares you can just message me and ask.

    What sort of plans or visions do you have for your music in the future?

    More distortion, more ambient, more intention. I really want to become involved with indie game development.. so please contact me, especially people working on abstract games.

    Favorite activity outside of music?

    I’m addicted to the forest, and my friends.

    Happy to announce the release of our compilation through our Bandcamp!

    Music Is Our Tool

    May 31, 2013

    We have entered an age where things are moving quickly. Our demands and life-styles have changed immensely. Some of us have forgotten our ties to the planet and strive for personal gain without thought for the consequences.

    In a world controlled by the power of money, it’s hard to make a difference. What can we do to raise awareness in this world? What is our weapon? No, not weapon. Weapons lead to more destruction and misery the question is what is our tool?

    Here at Morning Beast, music is the tool we use to fix what is broken. That’s why we have started a compilation series dedicated to this repair. Artists from around the world are raising awareness and trying to make a difference.

    Right now, biotech giant Monsanto is ruining our food and our planet. Their genetically-modified products cause countless health problems. Our organic crops suffer, our soil suffers, our insects suffer, our animals suffer, and our plannet suffers. The Morning Beast Compilation 001 will be donating 50% of its proceeds to stop these giants.

    The Beast has awoken.

    If you want to help us spread the word, submit music or whatever you’ve got to: morningbeast@gmail.com